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Quad Enclave Plasma Rifle 25% Weapon Speed + 25V [Stabilized Stock]


Legendary Prefix: Quad
Secondary Legendary Effect: +25% weapon speed
Tertiary Legendary Effect: 25% less V.A.T.S. action point cost

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This is a virtual game item in Fallout 76 for PC & Steam players . The Quad Enclave Plasma Rifle is an energy rifle and can be modded into a pistol.

Legendary Prefix: Quad
Secondary Legendary Effect: +25% weapon speed
Tertiary Legendary Effect: 25% less V.A.T.S. action point cost
Added Mods: Severe Beta Wave Tuner, Aligned Automatic Barrel, Stabilized Stock, Reflex Sight
Ammo Type: Ultracite Plasma Cartridge
Clip Size: 30
Level: 45 (max)
Damage Perks: Commando (auto), Bloody Mess
Screenshot was taken with mule and not optimized

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Mods for Quad Enclave Plasma Rifle: Mods are fixed and cannot be changed, therefore, should you need to change the mods yourself in the future, you will need to obtain them as loose mods from the Watoga vendors. However, these are some of the obtainable loose mods in the game:

Aligned flamer barrel
Aligned sniper barrel
Stabilized sniper barrel
True sniper barrel
Calibrated beta wave tuner
Refined beta wave tuner
Aligned automatic barrel
Stabilized automatic barrel
Severe beta wave tuner (event drop)
Standard Grip (event drop)
Stabilized Stock (event drop)
Long night vision scope
Medium night vision scope
Short night vision scope
Reflex Sight (Event Drop)

You can find the base gun with the desired mods on it from event drops or MODUS, then roll for the legendary effects you wish to have. There are some loose mods available for sale on our site.

Crafting the ammunition for this weapon is material intensive but there are ways to save on junk. For example, the best method is to farm it from the Daily Ops missions. Maxing out the Ammo Factory legendary perk is another way to save on crafting cost, and lastly, consider using your Ammo Converter, which is better than crafting the fuel without any of the perks.

If you have any further queries about this Quad Enclave Plasma Rifle or other general questions about Fallout 76 PC, feel free to chat with us using the Live Chat support! Available daily but within our office hours only.

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