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[Hybrid] 3* Bloodied COMBAT SHOTGUN Explosive [Faster Reload] Fallout 76 (PC)


[NOTE] As with all hybrid weapons, it is strongly advised to preview the damage output before setting any weapon modification at the weapon’s workbench. Some parts may be specially attached and by removing them, it can permanently reduce the damage it deals. If you see a drastic drop in the damage, do not change it. 

Hybrid weapons are those that are spawned in by using hacks with/or existing glitch within the game. One of the loopholes in the system allowed players to spawn in weapons and armors with the desired legendary effects. Many of these have been actively traded as legit items. Since they possess similar FormID as legit drops, they cannot be removed. As for items that contain FormIDs of items from the Nuclear Winter mode, these items may or may not be removed in the future. Bethesda does not ban players for possessing such items as they have been too widely distributed and traded. Players who claimed they are banned for having such items are usually because of possession of unrealistically huge amount of certain items such as junk and aid or partaking in exploits themselves.

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[Hybrid] 3* Bloodied COMBAT SHOTGUN Explosive [Faster Reload] Fallout 76 (PC)

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