Legendary Prefix: Two Shot
Secondary Legendary Effect: 25% Faster Fire Rate
Tertiary Legendary Effect: 90% reduced weight

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This is a virtual game item in Fallout 76 for PC & Steam players . The Two Shot FFR Gatling Plasma is a heavy energy weapon.

Legendary Prefix: Two Shot
Secondary Legendary Effect: 25% Faster Fire Rate
Tertiary Legendary Effect: 90% reduced weight
Added Mods: None
Ammo Type: Plasma Core
Clip Size: 500
Level: 50 (max)
Damage Perks: Heavy Gunner, Bloody Mess
Screenshot was taken with mule and not optimized

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We will add/remove or change mods upon your request during purchase. However, should you need to change the mods yourself in the future, you will need to unlock them yourself by scrapping the non-legendary version of the weapon, and that will require you to be able to craft the weapon. You can acquire the plan from completing events or buying it from world vendors and other players.

Legacy weapons are discontinued weapons that do not drop in the game anymore, typically referring to energy weapons with explosive effect, with the exception to harpoon gun that was later added to the list. Hence, these are only available to players through trading.

To mitigate the effect of self-inflicted explosive damage during close quarters engagement, consider equipping the Adamantine Skeleton and Fireproof perk cards wherever possible. Armor with explosive damage reduction and the sentinel legendary effects help as well. If you are new to the game and want to enjoy the weapon fully, we highly recommend to search YouTube for related build guides.

Crafting the ammunition for this weapon can material intensive. However, there are ways to save on junk. For example, the best method is to farm it from the Daily Ops missions. Maxing out the Ammo Factory legendary perk is another way to save on crafting cost, and lastly, consider using your Ammo Converter, which is better than crafting the fuel without any of the perks.

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