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Screenshot of a Fallout 76 item for PC & Steam players, showing the stats.


Technical Issues

1. Forgot ID or password // IDやパスワードを忘れた場合はどうしたらいいですか

Simply click on the reset ID/password option or contact us to retrieve your login details. 


Once you have left your Bethesda ID in the provided checkout field, send us a message using the Live Chat support and wait for us to send you a friend request in the game (not via Steam). We will meet in a common server (private or public is fine, just be sure not to set your private world to team invite only) to do the trade. Once you have collected your order, the transaction will be considered complete. 

Please take note of our office hours below. If you have not heard from us, please reach out to us using the following options:
A) Live Chat support, fastest as this one sends us a mobile alert (lower right hand corner of the main page),
B) Discord (Discordapp.com): Send us a friend request to FO76Vault,
C) Email: [email protected].


  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 9pm till 9am
  • Central Standard Time (CST): 8pm till 8am
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST/PDT): 6pm till 6am


  • Central European Time (CET): 3am till 3pm [France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland]
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/BST): 1am till 1pm [Great Britain]
  • GMT +3: 4am till 4pm [Israel, Finland]


  • Eastern Standard Time (AEST/AEDT): 11am – 11pm


  • 日本標準時 (JST): 10am till 10pm
  • China: 9am till 9pm


Do you offer items for XBOX or PS? 
No, we do not. We offer items for PC exclusively. 

Do you accept trades?
Currently, we accept specific armor set offers. Chat us up!